Client Benefits

Supplier Benefits

Client Benefits




Flexible Booking

With ZyberHubs, you can

do integrated booking,

management, invoice output,

booking reports and more. You

can even make a last minute

booking here.



Free Platform

ZyberHubs is a free

B2B online booking

platform using XML

link function.




Product Variety

You can handle bookings

of hotels, transportations,

tickets, etc. all at once.




Product Rate

You can include the major

commercial products from

all over the world, with very

competitive prices as the

results of the rate

parity function.


Supplier Benefits





This comprehensive platform

allows you to expand your

business without hiring extra

staff. The cloud-based system

also allows you to instantly

change the product

prices and details .




Easy Operation

ZyberHubs is designed with

clear interface, workflow and

structure, which help you to use

it with great facility.




Flexible Strategy

With the rate parity

function and the well

designed platform, you can

efficiently adjust the pricing

strategies via ZyberHubs. It

helps you in adapting

to market changes

efficiently to ensure

maximum earnings.





The supplier extranet

includes major businesses

from all over the world.

You will never be left

behind by the

latest market.