Human Touch

          ZyberHubs is a platform that enables your customers to ‘build their own’ package. The dynamic packaging platform includes vast combination of products, especially designed to fulfill the clients’ needs which fits different kinds of needs and creates optimized engagement.

          ZyberHubs is a user friendly platform. This is true in terms of the functionality, system structure, and user interfaces. It is really easy for users to get started with the clearly designed online control panel. The web-based system also allows the user to connect to the platform anywhere, which increases the flexibility in managing your business.

          ZyberHubs supports different kinds of devices, including different models of smart-phones, tablets and desktop computers. You can then manage your bookings wherever you want.

Powerful Manage


Product Management




          ZyberHubs allows you to manage your own products effectively with different kinds of online forms provided for updating property information. No matter what kind of product it is, there will always be a best fit for it.

          The rate parity tool of ZyberHubs allows you to do comparisons among the similar products from different suppliers. This helps you greatly or setting up the marketing strategies much more efficiently and accurately.

          With the previous customer business data collected in ZyberHubs, you can provide better customer oriented strategies later on. By understanding your customers better, you can then cross-sell and up-sell your products and services more and more effectively.

Secure & Reliable

XML Link




          ZyberHubs has applied XML which makes your experience here much more secure. XML is applied in different areas of services, like secure information processing, secure transactions, secure content management, etc.

          As a cloud-based platform, ZyberHubs can be accessed from any places all over the world. You can then easily enhance your business’s capacity and functionality by enjoying the additional services provided by the platform without giving up expensive infrastructure costs and extra resources for staff training or hiring new staffs.

          ZyberHubs is not just an other booking system but with lots of thoughtful designs and innovations in different aspects, including the high functional diversity and the user friendly interfaces, in order to enhance your experience while using the platform.